Use Your Purchasing Power To
Heal The Planet

Imagine a planet where every business operates humanely, consciously, sustainably, and philanthropically. This is the driving force behind The Conscious Buyer. Each of us holds the power to make this a reality! The daily choices we make about what we buy, where it comes from, and how it’s made have a direct impact on the health of people, communities and our planet. By patronizing companies who support this level of consciousness we will Heal The Planet Together. 

What We Do

The Conscious Buyer is a resource where you can search for companies that have met, or exceeded, our criteria of what it means to be a conscious company. Supporting businesses that Heal The Planet is what we are all about.  

For years, Heal the Planet Founder, Ken Fisher, had a deep desire to educate and inspire consumers to collectively and consciously utilize our purchasing power to positively impact the health and sustainability our planet and all its inhabitants. Informed choices empower us to patronize companies and organizations who ethically manufacture, assemble, distribute and sell consumer products, pay a fair living wage, provide safe working conditions, use sustainable materials, actively work towards a net zero carbon footprint and give back in a meaningful way to enhance the communities in which they do business.

We often hear people express a feeling of helplessness to make a difference when in reality, as a consumer, YOU hold all the power. Being informed and utilizing this ultimate power with each and every dollar you spend is the solution. 

Think of each dollar you spend as your vote to create the kind of planet we live on.”


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