Weety produces a variety of eco-friendly resuable bottles and home goods.

The Conscious Buyer Criteria Met:
About Weety

Weety is on a mission to reduce single-use plastic pollution. They were born on a quest to find a durable and eco-friendly reusable cup that wouldn’t spoil the taste. Eager to do their part in reducing the 500 billion disposable cups consumed globally every year, they crafted a product that not only prevents the need from disposable cups, it actually uses natural plant fibers as an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based synthetic plastic. Natural plant fibres have attracted worldwide attention because of their eco-friendly credentials, their availability, biodegradability and renewability. They are mindfully working to reduce their carbon footprint and as well are donating at least 1% of every sale to environmental non-profit groups.

Weety met 8 of 10 of The Conscious Buyer Ranking Criteria.