Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher produces a variety of women’s apparel.

The Conscious Buyer Criteria Met:
About Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher believes there should be ethical, timeless, well-made clothes designed to work together, wear effortlessly and be part of a responsible lifecycle. They work to meet - and exceed - both their VISION2020 goals and the requirements for their B Corp Certification. Sourcing fair-trade organic fabrics is one of the ways Eileen Fisher creates a responsible lifecycle. They also have a Renew program, where you can return your garments for money back so the garments can either be repaired and resold, or used to make other products. They are a certified B-Corp and have an extensive give back program, working with women and the environment.

Eileen Fisher met 8 of 10 of The Conscious Buyer Ranking Criteria.