The Conscious buyer Criteria

10 Criteria

People before Profits*

The Conscious Buyer believes people are valuable and The Conscious Buyer wants to support companies who share this value.  Companies that choose People Over Profits, value all people in their business, the supply chain, the communities in which they work, as well as the consumers, knowing every person deserves to be treated fairly and with respect.  

Charitable Giving*

The Conscious Buyer was built on a platform of philanthropy.  We believe it is an essential part of business to financially give back and/or invest in a meaningful manner to the communities in which they harvest materials and manufacture their products.    

Fair Trade, Fair Wage and No Child Labor *

Products that are manufactured with Fair Trade, Fair Wage and No Child Labor are made with an awareness of the social, economic and environmental standards in the lives of the people and the communities in which they do business.  Consumers can remain confident that their purchases don’t support sweatshops, child labor, and unfair wages, while providing a fair trade price.    

Green/Low Carbon Footprint*

Support companies that operate with a mindset of environmental impact and sustainability, that are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint is a requirement of The Conscious Buyer. These companies care about our planet, and work diligently to reduce their carbon footprint through eco-friendly packaging, renewable energy facilities, organic ingredients, carbon offsetting, sustainable sourcing, and much more.  

Local and Sustainably Sourced

Ingredients and materials that are locally and sustainably sourced reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.  The materials are harvested in ways that preserve our natural resources and the ecosystems surrounding them.  

100% Non-GMO components/ingredients

These products are made without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms.  Research shows GMOs are harmful to the planet, the ecosystems in which they are grown, and are shown to be harmful to people’s health.    

100% Certified Organic components/ingredients

Organic ingredients are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides or synthetic preservatives.  Products labeled with 100% USDA Certified Organic must be produced with only organic ingredients and products labeled Organic with USDA certified must contain 95% organic ingredients.  Purchasing organic products promote safer products and a healthier planet.  

Partially Non-GMO/Certified Organic

Most of our companies do their best to be 100% certified organic and Non-GMO verified. However, some companies are not able to be 100% entirely Non-GMO verified, or Certified Organic even though many of their products may be mostly or 100% Non-GMO verified and/or Certified Organic. For this reason we created this rating to show transparency that these companies may not be 100% Certified Organic and Non-GMO verified.  

No Animal Testing

Companies that are labeled Cruelty Free and Leaping Bunny certified have been audited to ensure their ingredients and products are not harmful to animals and are not tested on animals.

Focuses on Sustainable/BioDegradable Packaging

These products are produced with packaging that can be recycled or composted. Check with your local waste management to learn about proper recycling steps.