About Sézane

The journey towards sustainability is an ongoing one, but a goal to which Sézane is deeply committed. They have sought to scrutinize everything they do: working with environmental experts to obtain the most stringent certifications in every sector. They identify and test the latest alternative production methods, and are committed to innovating and searching for new materials. Discover their complete sustainability program, with all the past, present and future actions we’re taking to reduce our eco-footprint. They have significantly increased the proportion of environmentally friendly materials, from 10% in the Autumn-Winter 2018 collection, to 40% for the same collection in 2019. They’ve reduced their percentage of packaging and plastic. All their cardboard box manufacturing has been switched to cardboard made from recycled and/or from sustainably managed forests certified fibres and can be recycled.

Sézane met 7 of 10 of The Conscious Buyer Ranking Criteria.